Would You Want LeBron James To Sign With Your Favorite Team?


Here on Tru School Sports we have some of the best NBA minds in the world and with many different people come a bevy of different perspectives. This certainly applies in the case of LeBron James who many writers on the site like and some can’t stand. We also brought in some of our friends from The League News, Sack The Point Guard, The Big House Report, Route 4 Sports, Bleacher Report and Hoops Habit to help us out with today’s question. The question to our panel of NBA writers is would you want LeBron James to sign with your favorite team this off-season? We have a lot of different opinions so be respectful and enjoy all of them!


Brian Rzeppa (TSS Staff Writer/Life Long Detroit Pistons fan)

Twitter: @brianrzeppa


 I would love to have LeBron James play for the Pistons, you’d be crazy not to want him on your team. He’s the best player in the league and the way that he plays makes him a good fit for any team. Need a scorer? Check. Need a distributor? Check. Need a lockdown defender? Check. He does it all, and for that reason any team would be lucky to have him on their side. The pick-and-roll game that he could run with Andre Drummond would be phenomenal, and given that he’s added a three-point stroke in recent years, that duo could be deadly for years to come.

Paul Martinez (TSS Staff Writer/Life Long Chicago Bulls)

Twitter: @Paulwrites23


I don’t want LeBron James to sign with the Chicago Bulls because I don’t like how the media “tries” to elevate a 27 points per game, 7 rebounds per game, 7 assists per game player with 3 Finals losses to Michael Jordan status. I don’t like how he left Cleveland and made it appear that he wasn’t good enough to attract other superstars to a city. I don’t like how he flops, whines and calls basketball…well…just basketball. I’m not a fan…it’s that simple. I want players who are the highest level of passionate on my team. The Bulls roster consists of the guy with the most heart (Joakim Noah), the kid from Englewood doing something positive and gearing up for a historic return from injury (Derrick Rose), dunk in your face Taj Gibson, the LeBron stopper Jimmy Butler and the hard-nosed coaching of Tom Thibs. The Hollywood ways of LeBron doesn’t fit into the feel of the Chicago Bulls locker room. We want to beat LeBron. I rather we go for the pure shooting of Carmelo Anthony so we can have a second offensive threat that will set us up to crush whatever team LeBron signs with. LeBron is great but I would like to pass on him. If he comes to Chicago and helps us win more rings I’ll support it (I’ll always be a fan of the Bulls) but I rather we win rings without him (Because I know we can). He is a great player but his style is not my style and not Chicago style at the moment. LeBron’s heart is thin slice…your passion has to run deep to rock in the Chi.

Clevis Murrary (TSS Staff Writer/ Celtics Fan)

Twitter: @NBAFlashNews


King James might leave the throne he created in South Beach with the Miami Heat as he opted-out of his contract to become a free agent. Now all 29 other NBA teams would like to see James on their team but realistically speaking most don’t have a chance. Now the Boston Celtics are unlikely to sign James, but hypothetically speaking and for the sake of conversation, let’s just talk about why he should be in green.

James should come to Boston because the team holds the league record for championships with 17 alone one of the more respected general managers in the league with Danny Ainge and a team involved owner in Wyc Grousbeck. Now for the players, Boston has a true point guard in Rajon Rondo and James hasn’t played with a pass first guard in his entire pro career. Rondo can be seen as the guard version of James. Boston also has young stars in Jared Sullinger, Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk. Boston is somewhat similar to Cleveland, and he would feel right at home here and grow a relationship with the city. Plus, Boston is one of the reasons why he went to Miami, so he kinda owes us one.

James also is an avid reader, so why not come to the smartest state in Massachusetts? Bean town is also filled with business people and James could achieve his goal of becoming a billionaire by creating the right relationships in the city.


Anthony Broome (Writer At The Big House Report & Life Long Pistons Fan)

Twitter: @AnthonyBroome


I don’t see how anyone could dislike the idea of LeBron James signing with their team, especially mine: The Detroit Pistons.

Regardless of what just happened to the Heat in the NBA Finals, James is still to me the most talented player in the world and still has a few titles in him. The City of Detroit is hungry for a pro sports title, and with LeBron in the fold alongside of Andre Drummond, (hopefully) Greg Monroe and Stan Van Gundy now calling the shots, there is no doubt in my mind that could culminate into a legitimate threat in the Eastern Conference.
James won’t be coming to my team. The Pistons are still years away from being a power in the East, but one can dream. He’s better than the headcase that is now donning the number-six jersey in Detroit.
We’ll see what happens.

Jonathan Mathis (TSS Staff Writer/Life Long Lakers Fan)

Twitter: @sportsjudge85


Since LeBron James opted out of his contract and will become an unrestricted free agent, LA fans are optimistic that he’ll leave Miami and sign with one of the Los Angeles franchises, either the Clippers or the Lakers. He can choose the easy way out, leave the Heat organization and sign with the Clippers. Unlike in Cleveland, where few believe he will return after spending seven with the Cavaliers before his abrupt departure to Miami, he can join a team that’s exceptionally well coached by Doc Rivers instead of returning home to a franchise that just hired an unproven coach. He knows he can team up with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. As a die-hard Lakers fan, I wouldn’t mind LeBron venturing to the first-rate basketball team in Los Angeles, where he’ll have a chance to take over the reigns with Kobe Bryant fading out gracefully. But I’m concerned with LeBron, mainly because when the going gets tough, he may choose to walk out on the Lakers.

Jake Sloan (TSS Staff Writer/MFFL)

Twitter: @JakeSloan29

LeBron to Dallas would make sense. The Mavericks took the team James and the Heat lasted only five games against in the finals (San Antonio Spurs) to seven games in the first round of the playoffs last season. With Dirk Nowitzki being the veteran that he is and Monta Ellis in his prime, why wouldn’t he consider coming to Dallas? Not to mention he’s a huge Cowboys fan. With the likely departure of small forward Shawn Marion, LeBron would fit right in.

Randy Ulatowski (The League News Writer/Portland Trailblazers Fan)


Four years after LeBron James’ first free agency experience in 2010, the NBA world is about to witness “The Decision 2.0″ and the league’s best player will be pursued by many teams. One team in the LeBron Sweepstakes may be the Portland Trail Blazers. With a young core of Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Nicolas Batum, and Nike Headquarters located in the area, Portland seems like a very attractive option for James. Although the city isn’t as large of a market as Los Angeles or Houston, Cleveland and Miami weren’t big free agent destinations either, and at this point in his career, LeBron would rather chase rings than live it up.

For a Portland and LeBron dream to come true however, the Blazers would have to clear some cap space. With already $63 million and 13 guaranteed contracts for the 2014-15 season, Portland doesn’t have much to work with. They have a BAE worth about $2.8 million, and an MLE for $5.3. Neither of those would be even close enough to get LeBron’s attention, but that doesn’t mean he still couldn’t sign with the Blazers. Portland GM Neil Olshey has made some magical moves in the past, such as trading a second round pick for Robin Lopez. Nicolas Batum and Wesley Matthews are set to make a combined $18.7 million next season, so moving those two would likely clear enough space to sign James. Batum and Matthews could likely be traded for a first round pick this draft, as well as a solid role player or two, giving the Blazers what would likely be the best starting lineup in the league. With a back court of Lillard and the Blazers’ 2014 Draft pick, and a front court consisting of LeBron, LaMarcus and Robin Lopez, Rip City would be favorites to win the 2015 Finals. The team would have three perennial All-Stars, much like the 2010-11 Miami Heat. If James wants more rings to solidify his legendary status, Portland is the obvious choice.


Xavier Jackson (TSS Staff Writer/Life Long Knicks Fan)

Twitter: @TSS_Jackson


I do not want to see LeBron James playing for the New York Knicks. Yes, LeBron is great. In fact, he is the best player in the NBA today. I respect him and his game. With that said, I hate him. I’m a New York Knicks fan and want to see the Knicks destroy LeBron, not sign him. I believe that the New York Knicks can and will win without LeBron James. Thankfully, the chances of LeBron signing with the Knicks are under one percent. New York has no cap space, even if Carmelo Anthony decides to leave, which I don’t see happening.

Michael Natelli (Bleacher Report Writer/ Life Long Wizards fan)

Twitter: @MichaelNatelli


While it probably doesn’t need explaining why any team would want LeBron James, here’s some reasons for the few skeptics out there.

The Wizards enter the off season with roughly $20-million in cap space, giving them enough room to handle a LeBron-sized contract without too much maneuvering. Having James on the court would also open things up offensively for John Wall and Bradley Beal, who are two of the league’s top up-and-coming stars. With Wall, Beal and Nene already on the roster, adding James and a serviceable center would arguably make the Wizards the best team in the Eastern Conference if not all of basketball.

And from a legacy perspective, James would be joining a team whose core has already been established (unlike his decision to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in 2010). His star power is so much higher than that of Wall or Beal that if he was to win a title (or multiple titles) in Washington, he would get far more credit for it from a legacy standpoint than he did during his time in Miami.

While LeBron probably won’t strongly consider Washington, one could make the case that the Wizards are a perfect match for his services.


Brendan Taylor (TSS Staff Writer/ Life Long Charlotte Hornets fan)

Twitter: @thatboybtaylor


I haven’t really vomited a whole lot of times in my life but if LeBron were to sign with the Charlotte Hornets I would probably punch the nearest wall and throw up at a prolific rate. Ever since he came into the league I haven’t been a fan of the guy, he was self-entitled, soft and the most overmarketed athlete in the history of sports. Is he a great player? Heck yeah he is and a once in a generation talent at that but we just got the Hornets name back and I don’t want all the bandwagons, media hype or flopping that comes with LeBron James. I don’t want him on my team, I want to beat him like a drum and I would rather get this ring with a guy like Carmelo Anthony on our team rather than LeBron James. I’m happier with Kemba Walker, Al Jefferson and whoever we add to the mix to earn that first teal and purple championship banner as opposed to LeBron coming in and bringing the circus that surrounds him and making everything about LeBron.

He can save his Pre-Madonna ways for a big market like New York, Los Angeles or even Cleveland but we don’t want him. Whether we talk about his ring count or the amount of teams he has played for  I think the J. Dilla chorus from the song “Won’t Do” applies to LeBron simply saying “one won’t do it, two is not enough for me, no”

Victor Hensley(Founder Of Sack The Point Guard/Life Long Magic Fan)

Twitter: @Frezeal33


I’m a huge Orlando Magic fan, and obviously we haven’t had the best team in the NBA for the past couple of years. Since we traded away Dwight Howard, everything’s been rough. In the past two seasons combined, we’ve had 43 wins. Comparatively, the San Antonio Spurs had 62 wins in the 2013-14 season alone.

Now, since LeBron has opted out, all of these fans of every team are like, “Oh my goodness! I want him! Please come here, LeBron!” It’s sickening. First off, let me say that I honestly have no respect for James, and I don’t like him at all. With that being said, the closest I want him to a Magic jersey is when we play him and he has to defend one of our players.
I do NOT want LeBron James in an Orlando Magic uniform. Let me tell you why. He is a disloyal player and all he cares about is hopping from team-to-team to get another ring. He doesn’t care about the fans, the city, or the history of a franchise. All he cares about is hardware. If we win a title, I want it to be because of our guys working hard to get there, not because we got a player who’ll only be with us for a year or two then hop to the next team. I love the “Young Guns” that Orlando has. Victor Oladipo, Nikola Vučević, Tobias Harris, Moe Harkless, Kyle O’Quinn, Andrew Nicholson, etc. Plus, we’ll have two lottery-selected rookies. I want to win a championship with a team we built, not a team we bought.
Also, LeBron carries a lot of bandwagon fans, and I don’t want to deal with all of those obnoxious idiots yelling at everybody to “witness greatness.” It’ll make me ashamed to be a Magic fan.
So, that’s a no to the “Do you want LeBron James on your team?” question. A big, fat no. Have fun somewhere else, LeBron, because we don’t want you here
Shane Young(Hoops Habit/Pacers Writer)
Twitter: @YoungNBA
If God was to somehow grant LeBron the opportunity to join the Indiana Pacers, I would have a heart attack. Not because it would be such a mismatch, but because it would require expediting Roy Hibbert or Paul George elsewhere. I can’t fathom the idea of having Lance Stephenson blowing in the ear of LeBron …. in the locker room.  I just can’t.

Having James play with a defensive-minded coach in Frank Vogel would be something he hasn’t experienced since Mike Brown, but it’s what he needs.  Larry Legend would just solidify that fictional last name of his even more.


Jeff Stephens (TSS Staff Writer/ Life Long Warriors Fan 

Twitter:  @Jonthesidelines


Let us be honest. There is no fan that is going to hate LeBron once he puts on their uniform. You can say all you want but once he puts up MVP like numbers and makes your team an instant title contender you will change your attitude towards him. Any team with cap room is going to inquire about his services. Any team who has the cap room and does not inquire about his services probably needs a new general manager.

If LeBron was to become a Golden State Warrior, I would be ecstatic. It would be a historic acquisition for the team and make the team a title contender. Of course, the team would have to make some roster changes to make it happen but for a player of LeBron’s caliber you do whatever it takes in my opinion. My personal feelings about his legacy will change for the worst for leaving Miami. I feel he should stick it out through the hard times and make a run at more championships. That being said, I am a diehard Warriors fan and whatever management can do to bring a championship to the franchise is fine by me.

LeBron does not have the killer instinct that Jordan, Kobe, or any of the other great players that have played in the NBA. One thing you cannot deny is that he is one of the best players of our generation and will improve any and every NBA roster he plays on. I understand the dislike for LeBron James but winning heals all wounds in sports and one thing LeBron is known for is winning.

 Lamount Broadus (Route 4 Sports Writer/ Life Long Cavaliers fan)
Twitter:  @Thesportologist
I’ve been a Cleveland Cavalier fan for my entire 28 years of existence on this earth. I have been through the highs and lows of this organization from the low of Ricky Davis, to the high of LeBron James. I have a special connection with him because I was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and actually had the chance of playing against him on the court. I also went to the same church as him and used to get babysat by his high school coach. I still hold some of those connections this day. When I think about LeBron James coming back and playing for Cleveland, I get excited like anyone else would from my area. At the end of the day there’s no place like home. When I go back to visit, I love every minute of it as well. One thing that does hit me while I’m home however is I see the reasons why I left. I think this will be the same for LeBron, the world is so much larger than just Northeast Ohio which he has seen. The unstable front office and erratic owner in Dan Gilbert scares off any free agent that he could possibly recruit to come play with him. I would be absolutely crazy to say that I wouldn’t want LeBron to come back to Cleveland. The realization is I believe it’s better for both parties to stay far away from each other. Cleveland needs to draft their next star, and LeBron needs to search for greener pastures elsewhere
Harvin Bhathal (TSS Staff Writer/Grzzilies & Celtics fan)
Twitter: @Vinchenzo_34
Y’all remember when Rudy Gay was prominent in Memphis, before his playing style got into conflict with the team’s playing style? I do too. Well, let me get straight to the point; LeBron James is a player that every team covets as he’s the best basketball player in the world, however, he isn’t what I believe the Grizzlies absolutely need. More than LeBron, they need more shooters more than anything else. With Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, Memphis doesn’t need LeBron’s playmaking ability. Sure, they could use his offense but that would disrupt the whole team’s rhythm as LeBron plays more uptempo compared to the half-court offense the Grizzlies run. Just like when Rudy Gay became an albatross in the team’s offense, the same would happen with LeBron James. Both sides would be engaged in a pessimistic relationship where neither side benefits. LeBron is better off not coming to Memphis. Besides, not like we have the salary cap to sign him and I’m doubtful that the Grizzlies management wants to trade Marc Gasol Zach Randolph or Mike Conley. We have a core in Memphis that if the proper pieces are added, we’re championship contenders. LeBron James would only hurt his and the Grizzlies chances of winning an NBA Championship, that is of course if the Grizzlies management decides to rebuild the entire team to fit his playing style. Seeing how that is unlikely to happen, LeBron and the Memphis Grizzlies current core don’t seem to be a successful combination.

As a Boston Celtics fan, acquiring LeBron James in Free Agency would be welcomed with mixed reactions. There would be those die hard fans that will take awhile to even consider warming up the possibility of turning their hatred into fandom and there are others that would bandwagon and become a “Celtics fan” (just like how everyone became a “Miami Heat fan”). It may be a biased though but the Boston Celtics have the MOST diehard fans from every NBA team. The amount of success that LeBron would bring to the team in the immediate future would ultimately pardon all the “wrongings” he had done to the team in the past to the team. And if Paul Pierce returns to the Boston for possibly his final season, imagine Pierce and LeBron playing together; that in itself would be an ironic and paradoxical situation, ultimately however, working out to Banner 18. We may have to give any variation of Jeff Green, Keith Bogans, whoever we draft with the 6th overall pick of the 2014 NBA Draft (if we keep it in the first place) and maybe even Rajon Rondo to acquire LeBron James in a sign and trade since the Celtics don’t have the cap space to sign him up front. Trading Rondo to the Miami Heat could be controversial from a fan’s point of view and bring even more hatred towards LeBron. Having LeBron James in Boston would be awesome in the short and long run, however, the chances of it happening are highly unlikely considering the rivalry they have with each other; too much has happened for everything to be forgotten or changed. In the meantime…#KevinLoveToBoston

Brendan’s Final Take On LeBron


While I have an incredibility large amount of animosity towards LeBron James its also complimented with a high level of respect for what he can do on a basketball court and while I don’t like him personally I feel like he will stay in Miami and continuing his reign at the top of the conference for a few more seasons. Pat Riley is pissed off and I firmly believe that in some way, shape or form that he will upgrade the level of talent in Miami just enough to sway LeBron to stay in South Beach. From the standpoint of image and media scrutinty I’m sure LeBron doesn’t want to go through what he did in 2010. He has a chance to compete for titles moving forward, what more does he want? Where do you think LeBron will end up and would you want him to sign on with your team? Comment down below.