Stardust and Goldust Bring New Life to the Tag Team Division

Stardust is a good idea by WWE. (Photo credit: )
Stardust is a good idea by WWE. (Photo credit: )

After determining himself unworthy of tagging with Goldust, Cody Rhodes went on a mission to find Goldust a new partner. After multiple failed attempts, Rhodes finally got an idea. He told Goldust that he had found the perfect partner, someone who would compliment Goldust, and be worthy of him. Goldust’s new tag team partner was revealed on Monday to be Stardust (Cody Rhodes in face paint, pretty much). Stardust and Goldust quickly defeated the team of Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Now, Stardust and Goldust are a team. The two showcased their skills on Monday. Though some complained and thought it was an awful idea, I disagree. I think Stardust and Goldust are a great team. They are a great idea. The two also bring new life to the tag team division. The team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust was great, but the team of Stardust and Goldust is significantly better.

This team is unlike any other team on the roster. Look at the other teams on the roster and you’ll see they’re all the same, other than Stardust and Goldust. The Usos are brothers with great chemistry, but no real gimmick. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper are sort of different, but not really, as they don’t have much have a gimmick, either. Bray Wyatt does, but Rowan and Harper truly don’t. Ryback and Curtis Axel are not even a true team anymore and they definitely don’t have a gimmick. Cody Rhodes and Goldust didn’t have gimmick, either. However, by changing Cody into Stardust, the team has a unique gimmick that separates them from the rest of the pack. They are different and stand out, which is great, because no one wants to see a bunch generic tag teams in WWE. They have a great gimmick. Combine that with their terrific brotherly connection and chemistry, and all of a sudden, you have a great team.

I could certainly see Stardust and Goldust winning the Tag Team Championships in the near future. WWE has something very special here, so hopefully, they don’t drop the ball this time. They must take this opportunity and run with it. Can you imagine a feud between the Wyatt Family and Stardust and Goldust? It would be absolutely awesome! Also, it would give the tag team division some much needed attention and more exposure.

Also, don’t forget that by changing him from Cody Rhodes to Stardust, the WWE is pushing him. Stardust, formerly Cody Rhodes, has star potential, is an excellent wrestler, and works very well with Goldust, his brother. The two make the perfect team with their in-ring wrestling ability combined with their amazing gimmick. The only thing missing is a creative team name for the two. Other than that, Stardust and Goldust have brought new life to the tag team division that can help the division as a whole. With this gimmick, the two can captivate the WWE fans, and I’m sure they already have captivated millions like me. For once in a long time, WWE showed their creative side, and now, they have to utilize this new team properly.