Tim Duncan Passes Allen Iverson For 20th All-Time In Points

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies - Game Four

Sunday afternoon in a nationally televised game versus the Miami Heat Tim Duncan moved up the NBA all-time scoring ladder as he passed Allen Iverson (24,368 points) 20th all-time in points. Duncan who is nowhere near as exciting or flashy as Iverson is aging gracefully at 37 years old. He has been boring to the casual basketball fan throughout the course of his entire basketball playing career but you can’t deny the greatness of Duncan. So this is just another accomplishment in the final stages of a great career.

Duncan who as I’m typing this is sitting at 24,391 points which puts him 96 points behind Paul Pierce (24,487 Points) for 19th all-time in scoring. Duncan is also 424 points behind Patrick Ewing (24,815 Points) for 18th all-time in scoring. So as he is putting the finishing touches on a great career just appreciate what you have witnessed after all of these years.